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Overall, Cork’s retail market is continuing to develop at a remarkable pace with new shopping centres and retail warehousing units opening and strong demand from tenants driving rents’.Driven by the phenomenal growth and dramatic change in the North Leinster property market in recent years, this association will mutually benefit both companies by adding value to their service offering. As a team, Smith Harrington and Lisney intend to become the number one agent in the North Leinster property market.

During the past thirteen decades, they have watched the town of Navan develop from a small urban community to the thriving services centre that it is today. John Harrington, principal of Smith Harrington said, We are delighted to have this opportunity to work closely with Lisney on an on-going basis.

Lisney’s unrivalled reputation for service excellence marries perfectly with our ethos and established position in the local market. Peter Stapleton, Managing Director, Lisney adds, We see this as an tremendous opportunity to develop an important market for us. Conveyancing method deal in both systems like acquiring and offering property both and this methodology is performed by expert conveyancers who have mass measure of data and experience to deal with the framework.

Working as a team is a means of maximising the potential of the market by optimising the expertise and skill sets of both companies. This association forms part of our planned strategic growth with a view to delivering ever improving results for owners, occupiers and investors.

In line with strategic growth and in recognition of the increasing number of high quality residential developments that the company has been involved in, Lisney have set up a dedicated New Homes division. Tony Campbell has been appointed Managing Director, whilst Kathy Flanagan is taking on the role of Sales Manager.

Tony has an exceptional track record in the new homes sector for the past twenty-five years. He has worked on an on-going basis for developers including South Dublin Construction, Castlepark Construction, Walthill Properties, Astondale Developments, Rambler Properties, Butler Contracting, Temple Construction and Langville Properties. Tony will be launching a number of high profile schemes over the next twelve months and is confident that Lisney New Homes will become a leader in the new homes market.

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We would emphasise the importance of the information gathered by the Office for National Statistics research into. We hope that consultation with stakeholders will be part of an ongoing review and evaluation of addiction services, and that due attention is given not just to the experience and perceptions of voluntary sector partners, but those of homeless people themselves. The experiences of the Office of National Statistics in their fieldwork for their research on the Health and Well-being of homeless people in Glasgow clearly showed homeless people’s willingness to give their perceptions and share their experiences, given enquiry done in a careful and sympathetic way.home-banner

We are pleased also to see that complaints procedures will be clearly publicised, explained and there will be regular analysis of them. We realise that with particular regard to homelessness, and the work of the Glasgow Review Team there are bigger changes currently taking place which the review of addiction services must tie in with, and that there is to be a newly formed Health Assessment Team Homelessness Addiction Team.

It was helpful for Neil Hunter to clarify some of the information about this team at a presentation he gave at GCSE Health Issues Forum. We are pleased to note that the Review recognises that a number of groups affected by drugs misuse require particular attention, including offenders, homeless peoples. In addition, we welcome the continued prioritisation of women, and hope that the reasons behind why women have addictions, and the consequences of addiction, which may be very different from men, are taken into account in service developments.

With regard to homelessness itself, we hope that due attention will be paid to the findings of the Office of National Statistics research into ‘The Health and Well-being of Homeless People in Glasgow’ (June 2000). hazardous drinking was also a major issue for those particularly aged 25 – 34. 51% of 25-34s reported opiate dependence, but 37% of 16-24 year olds and around 46% of 25-34 year olds reported hazardous drinking. Such issues must not be overlooked, and we welcome the fact that all reconfigured services will be drugs and alcohol services. The main document states that “it is recommended that a social work service to homeless drug users and drinkers are provided through one of the addiction teams most closely located to the city centre. Read More: E Conveyancing Adelaide

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For me the key recommendations of the report relate to early intervention, the support for ‘looked after’ children and children whose first language is not English, the transition between primary and secondary school, inter-agency cooperation, home-school links, and professional development opportunities for staff. The emphasis on the need for ongoing research is also extremely welcome. I very much hope that the report will help to inform political and professional discussions about future policy developments.

A former President of the Association of Directors of Social Work (ADSW), Mr Crawford will take on his role as Service Director for Social Work in August. He will work immediately under Margaret Doran, who has taken on the post of Executive Director of Education and Social Work.

cl-law-solicitors1Mr Crawford has held numerous influential positions in the past, including the chair of the Care in Scotland group that brings together the ADSW, the British Association of Social Work, the Social Care Association and community care providers. The appointment of a Service Director for Social Work follows a merger of the Council’s Education and Social Work departments at senior management level.

This reorganisation is intended to bring greater integration of services and assist the Council in improving outcomes for the city’s most vulnerable children. A range of twenty-four different titles has been assembled to assist parents and carers with children of all ages – from toddlers to teenagers. It is intended that either the adult can use information in the books as part of a discussion or pass on the books directly to the young person to read themselves View More : Enact Conveyancing Brisbane

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They may have also missed immunisations and routine check-ups such as dental care because of their disrupted lives or language barriers. I was delighted to see more than 100 residents at the Old Town Hall in Stratford for my latest Question Time. The event gave people the chance to salute the achievements of Newham Council or raise concerns about issues in the area they live or work in. Issues and concerns raised at the meeting included housing, the council’s Local Service Centres, the Olympics, Council Tax and education. There were some lively debates and a caseworker from my office was on hand to take note of the issues raised and help people with specific concerns. for more info : Enact Conveyancing Sydney


I am glad so many people turned up and gave us some ideas on how we can improve things and work better as a council. Newham is a good borough and improving all the time, but I will not stop until we are the best in the country. The event had been published beforehand through tannoy announcements at Stratford Station. Posters were also displayed around the station concourse. Local stores Sainsbury’s, Wilkinson’s and Safeway also had posters. I, along with Councillor Pat Holland, Deputy Civic Ambassador, and thousands of other people, visited the Careers and Jobs Live recruitment fair at ExCeL.

Newham’s truancy sweep team recently targeted Stratford’s indoor shopping mall and station in a new blitz on parents who allow their children to skip their studies. The impeccably mannered man in the well cut suit and the paisley tie, clipboard and pen at the ready could easily have been from a market research company. was not in Stratford Shopping Centre to ask people about their favourite washing powder, but to remind them of their duty to send their children to school.

Bunking off school in Newham has not been an easy option during the past four years, since Eltaz began working with the police on regular truancy sweep patrols. Based on intelligence from beat officers, shopkeepers and CCTV cameras, Eltaz and a team of police and community support officers regularly target areas in the borough where truants frequently gather. Potential offenders are stopped and asked their reason for not being in school. There may be a genuine reason, such as a staff training day, but we always call the school to check, says Eltaz.

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It is beneficial to make the easy steps conduction for the conveyancing process and this can be done with the perth real estate agents assistance. Fourth, such a move would reduce rather than widen the differences between how councils and housing associations manage their finances. The CIH is concerned that Frank Field MP’s Housing Benefit (Withholding of Payment) Bill, which proposes to dock housing benefit from tenants guilty of anti-social behaviour, should not be seen as the single solution to this complex problem.

Only you will need to do one thing and that is to find the conveyancer and tell him to do the full process in the most right manner and attitude to avoid the chances of making any type of errors in the full conveyancing process. Housing managers are very familiar with the damage that anti-social behaviour can have on local communities. There is a wide range of powers available for tackling this issue and CIH has been at the forefront of highlighting good practice and in arguing that remedies need to be appropriate to particular circumstances.

You are responsible for making your process easy or tough and it is also depended on you to face easy process or make it tough by working with the local person. The Institute argues that more detail is needed on how the proposals in the Bill would work in practice, in order to assess how effective they might be alongside other measures to tackle anti-social behaviour, including those outlined in the Government’s recent Consultation Paper.

Initial concerns about the proposals include its effect on other family members not implicated in the anti-social behaviour, the likely impact on council rent arrears and the fact that it would further complicate the administration and delivery of housing benefit, which the Government has been trying to improve.

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As is typically the case, the industrial market pendulum swings within a much smaller arc than the more volatile office/R&D markets. Industrial sublease space is not having nearly the impact on vacancy rates that it’s having in the office/R&D sectors.

The industrial market closed the quarter with a vacancy rate of 2.24%, a rise of only 0.58 percentage points from the prior quarter. Countrywide conveyancing solicitors will help you and make the errand direct with their fitness.  The light-industrial sector continues to benefit from low vacancy and steady demand. Overall average rental rates jumped 10.0% since year-end 1999. The flood of tenants from the South Bay and Peninsula is pushing rents steadily higher.

 New construction totaling over 406,335 square feet should be delivered later this year. This will provide some relief for companies looking to relocate or expand in this market. Chances are, however, that this relief will come at a price – expect light-industrial rents on new space to range between $0.75 and $1.00 per square foot per month. In the warehouse sector, current construction activity is confined to the emerging Richmond market. The lack of new space in this area’s major distribution centers is driving rents higher.

Asking rates in the prime distribution hubs of Oakland and Hayward/Union City could break $0.50 per square foot before the end of the year. This trend is forcing some cost-sensitive tenants to consider relocating to the Central Valley.

Even with strong demand, rising land costs and a growing demand for higher-end industrial and R&D space will curb new distribution development in the East Bay.  In addition, the provisional figures for March which were released last month have been revised upwards from 5.3% to 5.7%, confirming a very strong start to the year for the retail industry.

Sales in the electrical sector grew by 7.8%, partly due to soaring sales of plasma TVs ahead of the world cup. Other strong sectors included furniture and lighting, up 10.8%, and hardware, up 13.9%.Despite these upbeat figures, however, some retailers are claiming only modest trading improvements. According to Hugh Markey, Director at Lisney, this may reflect a rapid expansion in retail space.

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Even with a possible fourth-quarter turnaround, its highly unlikely that overall net absorption will be positive in 2001, at least not in the R&D or office sectors.Interestingly, some developers are looking at this downturn in the market as an opportunity to build R&D/Office product. Developers such as Trumark have stated that the negative talk is exaggerated.

cost of conveyancer in adelaide cbd is a bit of the technique of obtaining or offering property conveyancing and suggests the trading of ownership from the buyer to the merchant.To prove their point, Trumark is proceeding with plans to build two R&D/Office buildings in Newark – figuring that this correction will right itself just in time for the buildings to be completed and ready for the pending surge in demand.

R&D vacancy stands at 2.45%, more than double the 1.09% rate that closed out 2000. The current R&D availability rate (inclusive of occupied direct space and occupied sublease space) is 6.62%. Sublease space is also having a tremendous impact in the R&D market. Fully one-third of the current vacancy rate is sublease space. Slightly more than 40% of the pending vacancies are subleases.

R&D vacancy is still low by historical standards, but those rates are going to trend higher before they settle down or begin to reverse course. The professional office market was also hammered by huge new inventories of space that came available during the first quarter. Nearly 1.28 million square feet of improved space was added to the vacancy rolls during Q1.

Meanwhile, leasing activity in the office sector was a sluggish 790,000 square feet during the same period. Similar to the R&D sector, there was simply not enough demand to make a dent in the growing supply side.The current availability rate in the office sector is 8.93%, pointing out the fact that huge amounts of occupied space are being offered for lease or sublease as businesses continue to make consolidation plans.

This is the greatest level of quarterly negative net absorption that we have ever recorded in Silicon Valley. As hopes continue to fade for any significant near-term reversal of business fortunes, we expect to see more businesses offering surplus space for sublease, or buying out of leases and returning the space to their landlords.

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According to Dr. John McCartney of Lisney Research, there are a number of factors behind this. Many of these migrants are coming from the Baltic States, where – just like in Ireland – there is a strong culture of home ownership. Figures produced by the European Mortgage Federation confirm this. While the owner occupation rate in Ireland is 77%, it is even higher in countries like Latvia (83%), Estonia (85%) and Lithuania, where it is a staggering 98%.

But not only does this new wave of migrants have the inclination to buy rather than rent, they also have the means.But economic factors are also having an effect. The number of people in work – now at over 2m for the first time in the history of the State – is also pushing up demand. Added to this, incomes are rising steadily, and the new national pay agreement will copper fasten this trend until at least 2009. While Thursday’s expected increase in base interest rates will be carefully monitored by potential buyers, Dr. John McCartney of Lisney Research does not expect it to have a major effect on the Irish housing market.

A rate increase has been clearly signalled by the ECB for some time and is already priced into the housing market. Over the last 18 months, oil prices have escalated, driving up inflation and putting pressure on the ECB to increase rates.Firstly, base effects which will kick in on the anniversary of last August’s oil price spike will bring down the energy component of inflation.Since January the dollar has weakened by 9% compared to the Euro which, all else equal, makes imports of dollar priced goods (e.g. oil) less expensive to the European consumer.

Economists believe that the dollar will loose more value over the coming months because of America’s huge balance of payments deficit. This will further reduce inflationary pressures in the Eurozone and should moderate future ECB rate tightening.   The most perfect way to this is use a respectable lawful counsel that works in either property or conveyancing law.

Overall the market is performing extremely well, and despite the rate increases we anticipate this continuing through the rest of the year. Dublin, 29 March 2006 – Lisney, in cooperation with its German associate Kemper’s, have advised Tiger Developments on its first acquisitions in Germany. They have bought three mixed use schemes totalling over EUR 70 million.The property in Monchengladbach comprises two buildings totalling 9,290 sqm of prime office and retail space, let to well-known tenants such as H&M, Esprit, Bonita, Deutsche Post and Deutsche Telekom.

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In the last two years a significant amount of additional retail space has come on stream, and this has had something of a diluting effect. Therefore, although overall sales are growing rapidly, this bigger cake is being shared out among a greater number of retail outlets.

However, according to Dr. John McCartney, economist at Lisney Research, any dilution of retail sales is likely to be temporary. With SSIA accounts maturing, and with pay increases of 10% provided for under the new national agreement, consumer confidence is on a high.

We expect retail sales to grow even more strongly in the second half of this year. After five years of decline, there are tentative signals that Ireland’s manufacturing sector may be in recovery.  However, recent data provide some cause for optimism that industry is beginning to bounce back. Provisional figures released by the CSO last Friday show that the volume of manufacturing production rose by 10.8% in the year to April 2006.

And the evidence is that this recovery is quite broadly based, with both the hi-tech and traditional sectors of industry showing strong increases in production.  Reflecting these trends, the demand for industrial property appears to be rising rapidly.When you go to an assention, conveyancers then energize the stamping of papers and contracts.

While these figures are not definitive – there was some slippage in the first part of this year – the suggestion that manufacturing is in recovery is corroborated by evidence from the latest FÁS/ESRI Employment Survey, which shows that vacancy rates in industry have stabilised at around 23%.Last Thursday the ECB tightened rates by a quarter point, bringing the cumulative increase since last December to 0.75 of a percent.

Despite this, however, the housing market is flying, with prices increasing by 13.2% year-on-year.

Economists say that this resilience of the property market to monetary tightening is due to a huge unsatisfied demand for housing which continues to push prices higher. Anecdotal accounts from estate agents suggest that much of this demand derives from the in-migration of workers following EU enlargement in May 2001. Now, however, the figures appear to support this theory.

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The highest rental increases, at 33 per cent, were in the out-of-town market of Barcelona. Several new schemes have come onto the market in the outskirts of Barcelona with high-quality specifications capable of attracting blue-chip companies previously located in prime areas of the city, says Oriol Barrachina, Head of Office Agency in C&W Barcelona office. Looking ahead, Elaine says: We are anticipating further, similar rental growths in the world’s top office locations for this year, and in particular in the fast-growing Asia Pacific region.

 In the dynamic market of China, growth will come from the expansion of the logistics sector as consumer spending rises as well as from the shift of manufacturing from the developed to emerging economies. One of the biggest risers in the ranking of the world’s top occupancy costs for industrial & warehouse space is Hong Kong, leaping nine places to 11th position. With rent the key component of occupancy costs, Hong Kong also experienced the world’s fastest growth in industrial rents in local currency terms last year.

This comes at a time when demand from occupiers will continue to expand, pushing down the available supply of good-quality office space. As of late the what documents conveyancer required division has been hit hard by the uncommon decline in house deals and home loan giving.

Industrial Space Across the World monitors the cost of occupying industrial & warehouse space in 122 key locations in 44 countries around the world. On a global level, rents increased by an average 2.6 per cent in 2005 compared with 1.4 per cent in 2004.

 Looking ahead, Peter Stapleton, Managing Director, Lisney says: The globalisation of the world’s economies, and forecast global economic growth of 3.3 per cent this year, will continue to bring buoyancy to industrial and warehouse markets around the world.

Only 16 per cent of locations showed a decline in rents, with the remainder either rising or stable. Another big climber in the ranking, going up nine places, is the Canadian city of Calgary, Alberta, located close to some of the world’s largest energy reserves. On a regional basis, Africa & the Middle East, pushed ahead by strong growth in the South African locations, had the highest rise in rents last year, at an average 11 per cent, followed by Asia Pacific with 7.2 per cent, 4.2 per cent for US & Canada, 1.2 per cent for South America & Mexico and for Western Europe, and a fall of 0.4 per cent for Central & Eastern Europe, where increases in the supply of space have helped ease what previously was a very tight market.

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Paderborn, Lisney and Kemper’s advised on the acquisition of an 11,148 sqm building let to the main tenants Peek & Cloppenburg, H&M, Randstad and Deutsche Telekom. Both these purchases were from Deutsche Post. In Wolfsburg, Lisney and Kemper’s advised Tiger Developmets on the acquisition of a 9,300 sqm retail, office and residential scheme. Tenants include the leading drugstore chain Muller, young fashion retailer H&M and Volkswagen Bank. All three properties are located in the main retailing locations in the very centre of the towns and reflect the preference of Irish investors for retail investments based on the success story in Ireland.

Real estate conveyancing  solves all the problems that people faces in their property transaction process. Hong Kong overtakes Tokyo and narrows the gap on London in first place for total office occupancy costs. Hong Kong also sees the biggest rise in top office rents – the biggest part of occupancy costs – followed by Buenos Aires and Ahmedabad in India.

The cost of occupying office space in the world’s top locations went up by 4.3 per cent last year – a healthy performance compared with the 1.2 per cent growth in last year’s ranking and above the global economic growth rate of 3.3 per cent, says Peter Stapleton, Managing Director of Lisney.

In many cases this was not because of any falls in rents, but because of the rise in the ranking of the non-European locations, especially those favoured by the stronger dollar rate. Asia Pacific is followed by Africa and the Middle East with 13.2 per cent, Latin America and Mexico with 7 per cent, US & Canada with 5.8 per cent and finally Europe with 1.5 per cent. Growth in Asia Pacific has been underpinned by the continued strength of the service sector in the region, says Peter.James Fisher, Managing Director of Cushman & Wakefield’s Hong Kong office explains: The Hong Kong office market has been on the upswing for more than two years.

This strong performance is largely attributed to buoyant demand from companies expanding and upgrading their office requirements, particularly in the banking and finance sector.Looking ahead, James says: While positive business sentiment and rising wages are clear indications that many companies are doing well and growing, we expect expansion activity to be much more moderate for the CBD in 2006, constrained largely by a lack of new supply entering the district.

As a result of these strong rental increases, some companies located in the CBD will have to more than double their occupancy costs when they renew their leases in 2006.

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